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For those who don't speak french ~~

A little news for those who don't understand what happened on this site a few month ago.
(and because I read a question about registration on the facebook page)
I have take a little time to delete all the members account of those who don't have more than 5 messages on the forum.

Why ? Simply because all the content of this website don't need registration.

The registration are open again for two or three weeks now. So you can create an account again.
But, if you come and don't write anything for 15 days your account will be delete. (or juste when I'm online and I'm in a bas mood)

It's just a simply rules write in the forum "ANNONCES/NEWS" in the topic "RÈGLES DU FORUM, A LIRE ET A RESPECTER PAR TOUS."

-New members are invited to present themselves in the heading which is intended to them. It to them is asked a minimal participation of in less one message (under penalty of suppression of the account in the 15 days).

So you can come again, but not for a long time if you don't do anything.
And I will not be tired to delete your account. 3 clics and it's done wink.

That's all ^^.

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